We are a consultancy and software development company in Berlin that specialises in the creation of integrated learning and training solutions based on e-learning apps for smartphones.

Our core competence is the leading-edge content development with Adobe Captivate and we are able, working with partners where necessary, to offer the full range of services from creating visions for organisational and social transformations to the configuration and management of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

We are used to working and delivering content in several languages.



If you are responsible for e-learning courses that contain Adobe Flash-based elements, you will no doubt be aware that they have not been usable since the end of 2020. Browsers have not been supporting the Flash plugin since then. So, if those courses will be needed in the future, the SWF content will have to be converted to HTML5 format. How complex and expensive that work will be, depends on several factors, such as:...

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