Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Sapiram has played a key role in several major international LMS projects using the NetDimensions Talent Suite (NTS). Its role centred on the business analysis and system configuration work. Examples of such projects are:

  • The Netherlands: Business analysis and system configuration of NTS for an international life sciences company.
  • Germany: Definition of a significant number of use cases and system configuration of a highly advanced training needs analysis tool in NTS for a global manufacturing corporation
  • Switzerland: Business analysis and configuration of NTS for a global quality control leader
  • USA: part of LMS validation for 21 CFR part 11
  • Germany: review of LMS functionality for compliance with the requirements of the company's works council

Among the companies to which Sapiram has been providing its services are subsidiaries of three different DAX-companies.

Job portal

One of Britain's leading job portals: Sapiram's managing director has been the leading business analyst on the project for the creation of a German version of the job portal.

Innovative social networking system

Sapiram developed the concept for a new type of social networking system and developed the application using .NET and MS SQL Server.


Sapiram managed the creation of an online shop using OpenCart.


Sapiram created an advanced survey on the Brexit referendum with the EU Survey Tool.