In line with our focus on ambitious, complex and international projects, we will be providing the systems for professional education and development as well as for collaboration in a European programme whose objective is the voluntary repatriation of migrants. There are already several initiatives with this aim, but this programme is special for the following reasons:

    1. It will use a twofold approach to improve the economic prospects of migrants in selected regions of origin and thus to motivate them to return:

      a) The creation of active prototype enterprises in collaboration with migrants while they are still in European host countries so that they can start their activities after their return to their regions of origin with a minimum of formalities.

      b) The return will be organised to appropriate special zones that either exist already or that will be created for this purpose in selected regions of origin. These zones will provide an environment that is more conducive to economic success.
    2. Each return consists of a coordinated transfer of hundreds of migrants who, grouped in their above-mentioned complementary prototype enterprises, together form a socially and economically very independent community that is nearly ready to start its activities in the selected special zone. It is expected that such a "critical mass" will improve the prospects for a successful return significantly.

It is evident that the motivation and the professional competences of each participant will be decisive for the success of this programme. The digital solutions that Sapiram plans to implement, which will also be usable on smartphones, will have a key role in their development.

This programme will start in Germany and Italy.