Sapiram closely collaborates with Lieve Weymeis (aka “Lilybiri”), one of the world’s leading experts in the development of e-learning courses with Adobe Captivate. She has not only invented numerous workarounds to make the most of Captivate, but has also contributed extensively to the development of the product. For her contributions to the Adobe community she earned the top attainment level of "Legend" ( She is not only a technical expert, but also a great teacher and trainer – a rare combination!

Lieve is renowned for her Captivate trainings and also delivers lessons in the use of other Adobe products. Sapiram was very lucky to be the first company worldwide to get official training in Captivate 2019 – delivered, of course, by Lieve. Much more detail on Lieve and her work can be found on her website ( and her blog ( Through our collaboration with her we are able to deliver e-learning courses of the highest quality. Conversely, Sapiram makes its LMS (learning management systems) and business analysis expertise available to Lieve.